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In RME Centrotech, an integrated quality management system that is certified for compliance with international standards has been developed, implemented and effectively operated ISO 9001:2001, ISO 14001:2004, BS OHSAS 18001:2007, ISO 50001:2011 in the certification company «RUF-Thuringer». Also, the quality management system is certified for compliance ГОСТ ISO 9001_2011 in the voluntary certification system «ГОСТ Р», ГОСТ РВ 0015-002-2012, «Military register».

Сертификат ИСМ (TIC)_2015-2018 ТЮФ
Сертификат СМК (Военный регистр)_2017-2018
Сертификат СМК (ГОСТ Р)_2017-2018
Сертификат СМК СДС-СМ_работы услуги
«RME «Centrotech» has the following licenses:
  • to carry out work using information that constitutes a state secret;
  • for the development, production, testing, installation, installation, maintenance, repair, utilization and sale of weapons and military equipment;
  • on the right to operate nuclear installations (in terms of performing work and providing services to operating organizations);
  • for the right to manufacture equipment for a nuclear installation;
  • on the right to design equipment for nuclear installations.
Лицензия_работы услуги
Лицензия_эксплуатация РИ
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