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компрессор винтовой
Dry screw compressors

Oil-free screw compressor with theoretically free-running locking of working cavities. For utilization of associated gases. Technological clearances due to reserves for thermal expansion due to the temperature difference of the structural elements are minimized. This makes it possible to completely eliminate the use of oil to block reverse leakage of the pumped medium.

Compressor block
Compressor block
Sealed, oil-free, with infinitely variable capacity control
Volumetric productivity, m³/hourfrom 70 to 360from 12.5 to 70
Pressure compression ratioup to 5
Overall dimensions, mm1253х486х5981250х458х595
Weight, kgnot more than 300not more than 200
Electric driveThree-phase asynchronous motor ST100LB4
with the frequency converter 13.F5.M1 D-39DA
complete with remote control operator 00.F5.060-2000
Total power consumption, kWNot more than 4

винтовой компрессор схемаOn the basis of the developed design it is possible to realize a screw expander — a machine that converts energy of compressed gas into a mechanical one. On the basis of a screw expander, the following can be realized:

  • installation of energy-converting compressed gas into electrical (expander-generators);
  • Installations that convert heat into electricity;
  • Compressor plants for the compression of associated petroleum gas;
  • Compression of gas mixtures, including aggressive ones, which do not contain oil traces.

    If necessary, installations based on a screw expander can cool the working fluid to very low temperatures, i.e. generate a cold.

It is possible to adapt the developed design to the requirements of the Customer. On the available equipment it is possible to manufacture products with a capacity of up to 20 m³ / min.

  • compressor for compressing and pumping gases and vapors;
  • pump for liquids, mixtures of liquids and gases;
  • a liquid flow meter with an error of less than 1% in determining the volumetric capacity;
  • ensuring the flow rate of the hydrogen-hydrogen mixture in the power plant on fuel cells;
  • air supply to the fuel cell stack of the electrochemical current generator.
  • there is no contamination with lubrication of the pumped medium;
  • reduction of energy costs due to reduced backfilling of the pumped medium;
  • Low operating costs of oil (not more than 50 liters per year, in oil-filled compressors not less than 300 liters per year);
  • the ability to work with aggressive environments;
  • automated control, remote control via a network interface.
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