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модуль 741А УРАП.426469.002, УРАП.426469.002-01

The module is intended for use in control and recording systems, digital signal processing systems with high requirements for speed, volume of processed data, reliability and fault tolerance as a computing and control node.

Computing resource
  • processor Vortex86DX company DM & P, clock speed-600 MHz;
  • external bus 16-bit PC-104, clock speed-8/16 MHz;
  • RAM (DDR2 SDRAM) – 256 MB clock speed – 266 MHz;
  • external memory size of NAND Flash Disk-1 GB;
  • external memory size of NAND Flash Disk-1 GB;
  • non-volatile timer / calendar;
  • power supervisor;
  • watchdog timer;
  • operating system QNX 6.5.
Transfer protocol
  • CANopen standard CiA DS301 and any other protocols;
  • BACnet/IP.
Main technical characteristics
Supply voltage, V18 ... 36.
(rated voltage 24 V)
Power consumption, W, not more12
The insulation resistance is galvanically isolated circuits to each other and relative to are not galvanically isolated circuitsAt least 40 MΩ at a voltage of 500 V DC
Ethernet 10/100BaseT2 pc.
USB 2.02 pc.
No Galvanically isolatedRS-232 – 1 pc.
Galvanically isolatedRS-485 – 1 pc.
Galvanically isolatedCAN 2.0 В – 3 pc.
Degree of housing protectionIP20
Overall dimensions, mm195х50х130
Weight, kg, no more than1,4
Average service life, years, not less than10
2 types of performance, which are different mounting
  • on DIN-rail (URAL.426469.002-01);
  • screws on the panel or wall (URAL.426469.002)
Module connector diagram
Схема разъемов модуля 741

Connect the external wires to the contacts of connectors X1-X5 is carried out using plugs with spring terminals type FKCT 2,5/4-ST and FKCT 2,5/5-ST the company «PHOENIX CONTACT» (you may connect single-and multi-stranded conductors with cross section from 0,2 to 2,5 mm2). The need to complete the module plugs is specified when ordering.


The ISaGRAF 5 development environment is used to program the module, using which the user can develop software (SOFTWARE) that meets its requirements. If necessary, according to the corresponding technical task, it is possible to perform the development of the necessary SOFTWARE.

At release THE software is installed in the module:

  • ОС QNX6.5;
  • ISAGRAF 5.1;
  • Web server;
  • self-diagnosis system.
  • Compliance with IEC-61131;
  • Seven technology programming languages;
  • Developed graphical interface;
  • Compatible with most well-known SCADA systems;
  • Target tasks for QNX, Linux;
  • Availability of appropriate OPC servers.
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