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The system «Control, management and emergency protection of the separation shop based on AKSU-3» is designed for monitoring, control and emergency protection of the main process equipment (including synchronization control of gas centrifuges), intercascade communications, auxiliary equipment, as well as control and management of intersystem and intrasystemic blocking of separate shops of the separation production.

  • Distributions, modularity, extensibility.
  • Use of «open» hardware and software standards (Ethernet, TCP / IP, CAN2.0, CANOpen, PC-104).
  • Application for the connection of the DSC-KP high-speed interface, fiber-optic lines.
  • Use of the fieldbus for communication with sensors and control equipment.
  • Duplication of communication channels and the most critical devices.
  • Continuous self-diagnosis of the elements and connections of the system.
  • Using the element base of leading manufacturers.
  • Collection and primary processing of information.
  • Display current information about the process on the dispatcher’s board, in the form of dummies, dynamic tables, trends, histograms.
    Remote control of technological equipment.
  • Automation and regulation of the technological process.
  • Emergency protection and blocking of process equipment.
  • Registration of signals and events, display of registered information.
  • Archiving and storage of information.
  • Output of output documents (reports and protocols).
  • Operational configuration of process control systems.
  • Specialized functions.
  • Differentiation of access rights.
  • Automation of metrological verification (calibration).
  • Support for a single time.
  • Information interaction with adjacent systems and top-level systems.
  • Monitoring and diagnostics of equipment and software status.
  • Secondary functions.
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