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Controller unit KA1 is designed to measure the parameters of signals of 20 rotation signalizers «CB» one unit of gas centrifuges and control the signal frequency of the power section and then transmit the results to the local CAN network.

KA1 provides information exchange on the CAN interface, with a data transfer rate of up to 1 Mbit / s (default is 125 Kbit / s), an AXS-3 LAN exchange protocol.

Controlling the operating modes, configuring and changing the KA1 software is carried out remotely.

«Hot-swapping» of controllers КА1 (without switching-off of power supplies) is provided.

Main technical characteristics
Amplitude value of the input periodic signal voltagefrom 0.015 V to 2.1 V.
Input frequency measurement rangefrom 60 Hz to 12000 Hz
Limits of the main absolute error of measuring the frequency of the input signalnot more than ± 0,1 Hz
The measuring range of the rate of change in the frequency of the input signalfrom 0 Hz / s to 5 Hz / s.
Limits of the basic absolute error in measuring the rate of change in the frequency of the input signal±0,1 Гц/с
Frequency range of power supply section± 0.1 Hz
Supply voltage, (rated voltage 24 V)from 21.6 V to 26.4 V
Power Consumption0.7 W
Overall dimensions (WxHxD)125h80h47 mm
Weight0.5 kg
Degree of protectionIp54 in accordance with GOST 4254
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