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The controller is designed to control and control the process equipment of the process unit control module in the automated process control system AKSU-3 and control 10 (7) pcs. motorized valves.

The algorithm of the controller is determined by its software.
The controller consists of a logic and power section.
The logical section of the controller has 100% duplication of incoming blocks.
The power section of the controller is based on the 700 series modules, the type of power section and its characteristics are determined by the customer’s requirements.

Advantages of Unison controller:

  • Reliability
  • Design configurability
  • Advanced diagnostic system
  • Modern technical level
  • Orientation to open industry standards

The controller meets the noise immunity requirements of GOST R 50746 for the technical equipment of the performance group III, the performance criterion A (logic section), B (power section). Seismic resistance — up to 8 points according to MSK-64 according to GOST 17516.1

Main technical characteristics of the controller
Logical section of the controller
Serial Data Channels:
Ethernet interface 10 / 100BaseT2
CAN interface with galvanic isolation4
RS485 interface with galvanic isolation2
interprocessor exchange interfaceEthernet 10/100BaseT
discrete input ("dry contact")72 (48)
Output signals:
discrete output (solid state relay status)24
Number of inputs / outputs in the input / output block24
Number of control channels for process regulator and / or bypass regulator valve4
DC supply voltage received at two inputs245V
Power consumption (without external loads)not more than 90 W (80 W)
Power section of the controller
Number of control channels10 (7)
Interface for receiving control commands and signalingCAN
Interface for connection to the service computerRS232
Supply voltage3NPE 380V, 50Hz, grounding system - TN.
Power Consumptionне более 100 (70) ВА
Overall dimensions of the controller (HxWxD), with transport loops1865x810x650 mm
Controller Weightnot more than 270 kg
Degree of protection of the controllerIp54 по ГОСТ 4254

Note. The values ​​for eK1.157.030-02 are indicated in parentheses.

Structure of the controller "UNISON"
A set of controller blocks
NameWidth, placesType codeSpecifications
ЦП-50022The central processing unit, the AMPRO CoreModule 420 core, the KSM-2 expansion module (2 CAN channels, 2 Rs485 channels)
ЦП-50122Central processing unit, core AMPRO CoreModule 420
ЦП-50222Central processing unit, CompuLab core SBC-X270, expansion module KSM-2
ЦП-502А22The central processing unit, Fastwel core CPC-306, expansion module KSM-2 (2 channels CAN, 2 channels RS485)
ЦП-51022Central processing unit, core AMPRO CoreModule 600, expansion module KSM-2
ЦП-51122Central processing unit, core AMPRO CoreModule 600
ВВДС1DInput unit for discrete signals, 24 channels, 1.5 kV galvanic isolation.
ВВДС-321IInput unit for discrete signals, 32 channels, 1.5 kV galvanic isolation.
ВДС1EDiscrete signal output unit, 24 channels, 1.5 kV galvanic isolation, output current monitoring.
ВДС-321GDiscrete signal output unit, 32 channels, 1.5 kV galvanic isolation.
ВВАС1АThe unit for input of analog signals, 24 differential channels, galvanic isolation 1.5 kV, the maximum range of the measured voltage is ± 1.28 V, the error is not more than 0.1%.
ВАС1HBlock of input and output of analog signals, 6 + 6 channels with galvanic isolation 1.5 kV, maximum range of measured voltage ± 2.56 V, error - no more than 0.1%.
ВВЦС-ЧС1FBlock of input of frequency signals (0-100kHz), 24 channels, galvanic isolation 1.5 kV.
ВВЦС-МЦ1CThe signal input unit is IRPS (MC, GAS), 24 channels, 1.5 kV galvanic isolation.
ВВЦС-ЧМЦ1BThe input unit for frequency signals of the IRPS, 12 + 12 channels, galvanic isolation of 1.5 kV.
ПИ-613The block of serial interfaces - up to 8 interfaces CAN / Rs485 / Rs422 with galvanic isolation.
Possible characteristics of the processor core
Processor type1) STMicroelectronics STPS Atlas (x86-compatible)
2) AMD Geode (x86-compatible)
3) VIA Eden ESP (x86-compatible)
4) Intel Celeron / Pentium III / Pentium M
5) Intel XScale PX255 / 270 (ARM)
6) DMC of Vortex86DX
Frequency128-1500 MHz
RAM32-512 MB
Types of external Flash memoryM-System DiskOnChip 2000, CompactFlash, PCMCIA
Flash volume16-2048 MB
Сетевые интерфейсы10 / 100BaseTx, 1000BaseTx
Afterbirth. interfacesRs232, RS485, RS422
Extras. interfacesEPP / ECP, USB, IrDA, PS / 2, Floppy
Возможные характеристики процессорного ядра РС-104
Tested PC-104 cores
Module nameOctagon Systems 2050AMPRO CoreModule 419AMPRO CoreModule 600CompuLab SBC-X270Fastwel CPC-306
Processor typeAMD GeodeSTPC AtlasIntel Celeron MIntel XScale PXA269СнК DM&P Vortex86DX
Frequency, MHz128133400520600
RAM, MB3264128128256
External Flash type / volumeCompact Flash / 128MBDiskOnChip 2000 / 32MBCompact Flash / 128MBFlash Disk 512 MBFlash Disk 1GB
Number of Ethernet ports 10/10011122
VideoNo2D controllerAGP 4xVGA (LCD, CRT) Touch ScreenNo
Software structure of the controller
  • Compliance with IEC-61131.
  • Six languages ​​of technological programming.
  • Advanced graphical user interface
  • Compatible with most known SCADA systems.
Comparison of the characteristics of Unison and MFC3000 (TEKON) controllers
Parameter, characteristicRequirements for TORsController U3500MFC3000 controller
The characteristics of the core (CPU,
speed, RAM, Flash)
undefinedIntel XScale PX255 / 270, 128-1500 MHz, 32-512 MBPentium, 300MHz, 64MB, 64MB
System busundefinedParallel. with parity + after.
Serial dubbed CAN
Maximum amount
(for the redundant 256)
(for the redundant - 384)
Types of analog inputs± 5mA, 0-5mA, 4-20mA,
0-20mA, ± 5B, 0-5V, 0-
± 5mA, 0-5mA, 4-20mA,
0-20mA, ± 5B, 0-5V, 0-10V from ± 10mV to ± 1.28V
0-5mA, 4-20mA, 0-20mA
0-10V, from ± 10mV to ± 500mV
Basic. error
0,2 %0,2 %0,1-0,15 %
Ethernet, CAN, RS232, Rs485, IRPSEthernet, CAN, RS232, Rs485,
Ethernet, Rs232 (without galvanic isolation), IrDA
Hot swappingYesYesYes
Power supply24V, 245V, ~ 220V24V, 245V, ~ 220V24V
EMC3 performance group3 performance group, criterion
3 performance group, criterion A
Seismic resistanceup to 8 MSK-64 pointsup to 8 MSK-64 pointsNo data
Diagnostic ToolsRequiredYesYes
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