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The IDK complex with manual loading of detectors, is intended for small organizations (medical institutions, research and defectology laboratories, SES, etc.), is compact in size and quite high in performance.

The complex is used in conjunction with dosimeters DTL-02, DVG-02, DVGN-02, it is possible to use any dosimeters based on DTG-4 detectors.
Can be used for both photon and neutron dosimetry.

The complex is certified by the FATR of the RF (certificate No. 52255) and registered in the State. Register of measuring instruments under No. 54824-13.

Type of dosimeterDVG-02 (DTL-02) / DVGN-02
Effective thickness of dosimeter cases1 g / cm2
Registration threshold, mzv, no more than0,05/0,1
Upper measurement threshold, zv10/2
Repeatability for a dose of 10 mzv,%, not more than7,5 %
Energy characteristic (photons 20 keV-20 MeV),%, not more than30
Energy characteristic (neutrons),%, not more than-/50
Anisotropy (photons),%, not more than15
Anisotropy (neutrons),%, not more than-/15
Repeated use of dosimeters, cycles, not less than200
Productivity of dosimeters processing, pcs / hour, not less than20/15
Time of setting the operating mode, min, not more than30
  • Modern element base.
  • Reduced size and weight.
  • Improved metrological characteristics and reliability indicators.
  • At the creation the experience of operation of the 2nd generation complexes and the changed requirements of the consumers was taken into account.
  • Managed by unified software.
  • The possibility of using multiple readers on one PC.
  • Client-server system IDK, covering the needs of organizations of any size.
  • Increased reliability of data storage and access control.
  • Implemented backward compatibility with the previous generation.
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