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Complex AKIDK-401 is designed to measure individual equivalents of doses of weakly penetrating radiations.
Together with the dosimeter DVS-1 — in the skin of the face and lens of the eye.
Together with the dosimeter DVS-2 — in the skin of the palms.

The complex is certified by the FATR of the RF (certificate No. 48862) and registered in the State. Register of measuring instruments under No. 51882-12.

Convergence for a dose of 10 mSv,%, not more than7,5
Limit of permissible basic relative error:
for Hp (3) from 0.1 mSv to 10 Svδ=±(15+1/H)
for Hp (0.07) from 2 mSv to 10 Svδ=±(15+20/H)
The range of photon radiation energies10 кэВ – 3 Мэв
beta radiation200 keV - 3 MeV
Anisotropy for angles from 0 ° to 60 ° (photons),%, not more than15
(beta radiation),%, not more than40
  • Modern element base.
  • Reduced size and weight.
  • Improved metrological characteristics and reliability indicators.
  • At the creation the experience of operation of the 2nd generation complexes and the changed requirements of the consumers was taken into account.
    Managed by unified software.
  • The possibility of using multiple readers on one PC.
  • Client-server system IDK, covering the needs of organizations of any size.
  • Increased reliability of data storage and access control.
  • Implemented backward compatibility with the previous generation.
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