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Individual dosimetric control of photon radiation in the composition of various TLD systems with manual loading of detectors (AKIDK-102R3, KDT-02M, DTU-01, VICTOREEN, etc.)

The dosimeters consist of three fabric-equivalent single-crystal DTG-4 detectors (LiF: Mg, Ti) placed behind special filters in a drip-proof, dust-proof cassette designed to be worn on work clothes or placed at a controlled point. The number of the dosimeter is shown on the body.

Overall dimensions, mm65×25×14
Weight, g, not more than25
The energy range of the recorded radiation, MeV0,015 ÷ 10
Uniformity of the sensitivity of the lot,%,не более 20
Registration threshold, Svnot more than 5 × 10-3
Reproducibility,%not more than 7,5
Linearity of indications in the dose range 5x10-5 ÷ 1 Sv,%not more than 10
Isotropy in the range of angles 0 ° -60 °,%not more than 15
Energy dependence of indications in the range of 0.015 ÷ 3 MeV,%not more than 25
Stability of storage for 30 days under normal conditions,%not more than 5
Number of cycles of usenot less than 200

The dosimeters correspond to the class of Fe (1000 mg / cm2) GOST R IEC 1066-93. The certificate of conformity of the quality of products No. 0000591 was issued by SE «VNIIFTRI» of the State Standard of Russia.
Dosimeters are supplied in batches of 10 pcs. and more.

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