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The thermoluminescent dosimeter DVG-01 is supplied as part of the AKIDK-302 complex and is designed to measure individual equivalents of photon radiation doses in the range 0.05 mSv-10 Sv for AKIDK-301 and 0.05 mSv-10 Sv for AKIDK-302.

The energy range is 15 keV to 10 MeV for AKIDK-301 and 15 keV to 23 MeV for AKIDK-302.
The measurement error in the dose range from 0.05 mSv to 10 Sv is not more than ± 15%.

The dosimeter DVG-01 is used in conjunction with the reader STL-300 (STL-302). The DVG-01 consists of 3 DTG-4 detectors. The sizes: 71Х31Х14 mm. The design is dust-proof and drip-proof.

Dosimeters can work at ambient temperature from -35 to +60 оС and relative humidity up to 95%.

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