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The dosimeter allows the operative search for objects contaminated by radionuclides or sources of radioactive radiation. With its help, it is possible to monitor the environment of a person (radiation safety of a dwelling, industrial premises and workplaces, food products, terrain), assess the radioactive contamination of objects, building materials and samples, including banknotes and their packages.

The dosimeter provides operational monitoring of the radiation situation at nuclear power facilities and can be used as:

  • an individual direct-indicating dosimeter for measuring the dose and dose rate of photon radiation;
  • a radiometer for the flux density of beta and alpha particles from surfaces with and without taking into account the gamma component;
  • a search indicator of the presence of radiation, for the rapid assessment of the radiation situation or the solution of problems to identify local radiation sources or individual objects contaminated with radionuclides.
Application area
  • Individual dosimeter for measuring dose and dose rate of γ-radiation;
  • Search for contaminated objects or sources of γβ-radiation;
  • Radiation safety of housing and industrial premises;
  • Assessment of radioactive contamination of objects, building materials, banknotes.
Design features
  • Power supply — batteries or galvanic cells AA (R6) 2 pcs. (modification possible with power from the household power);
  • Large LCD with illumination (sign height — 15 mm, brightness levels — 9);
  • Rubberized body to reduce hand slip;
  • Self-diagnosis (sensor malfunction, monitoring the discharge of the battery);
  • Programming alarm levels;
  • Indication of the current statistical error;
  • It can be equipped with a carrying case on the wrist;
  • A software algorithm that significantly reduces the measurement time.
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