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Complexes AKIDK 3rd generation is managed by a unified software package «AKIDK-M», designed to control the measurement process, as well as maintaining individual dosimetric control of personnel of enterprises of various profile and scale.

Functionally the software «AKIDK-M» is divided into two independent parts:
1. «AKIDK-M — System of the DCO personnel»;
2. «AKIDK-M — Workstation STL»

General scheme of the organization of the DCO of a large-scale organization with the help of the AKIDK-M software
Программное обеспечение «АКИДК-М»

The purpose of the software is «AKIDK-M — STL Workstation» — control of the functioning of the measuring workstation, storage and processing of impersonal (without reference to personnel) dosimetry data. A workstation is a personal computer with one or more connected STL readers that contains a database management system (DBMS).
The software allows simultaneous use of several STL readers (one and the same type) with one PC, the number of readers is limited by the performance of the computer and the availability of appropriate communication ports, however, for convenience of use, it is not recommended to use more than 3 readers at the same time.
Controlling the measurement process involves controlling hardware dosimeter devices (STL readers) in accordance with certain algorithms that correspond to specific operations and dosimeter regimens.
The workstation software includes a dosimeter database (with individual calibration data and processing templates), a measurement database (the results obtained, including thermoluminescence display and temperature curves), an export table for the «Personnel Database» (the actual target data for the «DCS System staff «).

The purpose of the software «AKIDK-M — DCO Personnel System» is to organize a single database of personnel, supplied for individual dosimetric control. The software allows you to create a branched structure of one or several enterprises, containing a set of personal dosimetric cards of personnel, according to their place of work. Also, the «DCO Personnel System» collects new dosimetric data from workstations and associates these data with personal cards of personnel in accordance with the types and numbers of dosimeters. The attachment of dosimetry data can be carried out both in automatic mode and in manual mode, taking into account the background doses and the possibility of specifying a specific reporting period.
Based on the data stored in the IDK database, it is possible to generate reports of a different kind, the system has many predefined reports. It is also possible to create your own report templates on the basis of detailed configurations of personnel. The software has a rich tool for exporting reports to the most common formats (doc, xls, pdf, tiff, html, txt, etc.).The «Personnel IDK» system is built on the basis of the client-server architecture: the IDK database can be stored on a dedicated server (or one of the working computers), while access to it is possible at the same time to several operators from different PCs connected to the information network using the TCP protocol / IP.

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