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The boxes are designed:

  • for connection or branching of control cables;
  • to switch from one section of the cable veins to another;
  • for the installation of primary and secondary electrical circuits;
  • for local control of electric drives of shut-off and control valves;
  • for switching power circuits and control circuits of electric drives of shut-off and control valves with external devices (power distribution cabinets and automation devices).

LLC «RME» Centrotech» designs, designs and manufactures a wide range of connecting and switching boxes for use in the field of nuclear energy and general industry. Our connection boxes of instrumentation, switching boxes of shut-off and control valves are manufactured in accordance with the specifications TU 687226.001.

The boxes are manufactured in safety grade 2, 3, 4 according to NP-001-97 (OPB-88/97).
The number of terminals installed in the instrumentation boxes is selected from the series: 8, 12, 13, 16, 24, 32, 48, 64, 96, 128, 144, 192.
Number of terminals installed in the boxes of shutoff and control valves 13, 24 + 4, 24 + 5, 30 + 4, 30 + 5.

Scheme of drawing up the symbol of the box
Instrument connection boxes, standard version
ParameterThe name of the connecting box for URAP.687226001Safety class according to NP-001-97
УРАП.687226.150ККСН(У)-8- УХЛ24
УРАП.687226.151ККСН(У)-12- УХЛ24
УРАП.687226.152ККСН(У)-16- УХЛ24
УРАП.687226.153ККСН(У)-24- УХЛ24
УРАП.687226.154ККСН(У)-32- УХЛ24
УРАП.687226.155ККСН(У)-48- УХЛ24
УРАП.687226.157ККСН(У)-96- УХЛ24
УРАП.687226.160ККСН(У)-192(32)-В31(6-12)/5(13-18)/1(18-25)/7(22-32)- УХЛ24
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