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Электрохимические генераторы
Electrochemical generators

The development of hydrogen-oxygen alkaline fuel cells for space began more than 50 years ago. An electrochemical generator «Volna» was created for the Lunar program: power — 1 kW, weight — 60 kg, which could provide the orbital ship with energy for 1000 hours. In the wake of it was developed «Foton» for the reusable ship «Buran»: power — 10 kW, weight — 145 kg, resource — 2000 hours. Subsequently, the power of the «Foton» was increased to 25 kW, and the resource to 6000-10000 hours.

On the basis of the developed designs, sources of electrical energy of various capacities (from 1 kW to 1 MW) can be created for space vehicles, when used as an air oxidizer, for various land vehicles, for underwater vehicles developing the offshore shelf, for uninterrupted (emergency) food, since without any maintenance can be stored for many years (20 years or more) while maintaining the original characteristics in full.

Электрохимические генераторы
ECG «Volna»
Электрохимические генераторы
ECG «Foton»
ParameterECG "Volna" with circulating electrolyteECG "Foton" with a matrix electrolyte
Power, kWt110
Voltage, V27-3727-37
Weight, kg65145
Pressure of reagents, MPa0,40,4
Basic structural materialmagnesiumnickel
Current density at rated power, mA / cm²100220
Resource, hours500-1000 500-1000
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