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Drop separators

Drop separators — special devices designed for cleaning gases, gas mixtures and steam from a dropping liquid in filtration systems of various industries.

Works on the principle of gravitational-shock, inertial, centrifugal separation of droplet moisture.

The drop separator does not have removable, mobile and consumable parts, there are no porous coalescing materials. Periodic drainage of liquid into the drainage pipeline is carried out through a steam trap in manual or automatic mode.

The design of the RME Centrotech droplet separator is an original development by the scientific and design department and is protected by patents. The size range of the droplet separator filters has more than 10 models.

  • working environment: natural and other gases chemically inert to the materials of the hull.;
  • temperature of the environment: from minus 50 to plus 200 ºС;
  • overpressure at the inlet up to 30,0 MPa;
  • nominal gas flow rate up to 3000 nm³/h;
  • efficiency of cleaning from droplet moisture not less than 95%;
  • design life of the hull is at least 20 years at a corrosion rate no more than 0,08 mm/year;
  • execution of connecting flanges according to GOST 12821-80.
  • effective gas cleaning from liquid droplets over a wide range of speeds </ li>
  • No maintenance required during operation </ li>
  • high reliability; </ li>
  • is effective for volley fluid discharges </ li>
  • the amount of droplet is not regulated; </ li>
  • volley emissions of condensate are allowed; </ li>
  • initial differential pressure not more than 0.5 kPa </ li>
  • it is possible to develop a droplet separator according to the requirements of the customer. </ li>
The size range
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