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Filters For Cleaning Gases From Radioactive Aerosols

Metal ceramic filters are designed for deep cleaning of industrial gases and air from radioactive aerosols and radioactive particles, as well as for separation of dust and gas mixtures in gas-plasma dry-conversion facilities for uranium hexafluoride.

Terms of Use

Operating temperature: not more than 750 ° С
Relative humidity: not more than 80%
The efficiency of purification from particles with a size of ≥ 0.15 μm: not less than 99%
Dependence of pressure drop on gas filtration rate up to 1 m / s: linear

  • high mechanical strength;
  • corrosion resistance to filtered gases, chemically inert to the material of the filter element;
  • low pressure drops at high gas flow rates;
  • long service life, the ability to regenerate and restore characteristics.
Material used
  • nickel;
  • steel 20;
  • nickel mesh and sintered nickel powder;
  • copper (for mounting rings).
Filter 27459-0-0Filter 27318-0-0
Working environmentgasgas
Temperature, °Сот 10 до 250from 10 to 40
Dustiness, g/m³, not more than0,1 0,1
Specific activity, Bq / kg (Ki / g), not more than3,4ˣ10^6 (9,8ˣ10^-5)2,2ˣ10^6 (5,95ˣ10^-5)
Solid phase of the working mediumdustdust
Bulk density, g / cm³, not more than66
Uranium enrichment -235,% of mass, not more than9738
Aerodynamic characteristics
Consumption of dust-gas flow, m³ / h, not less than30185
Initial resistance of the filter, Pa (mmW), not more than736 (75)588,4 (60)
Permissible filter resistance Pa (mm Hg)2942 (300) 2451,7 (250)
Number of filter elements, pcs.9 35
Material of filter elementsnickelnickel
Material of parts in contact with the working mediumSteel 12X18H10TSteel 12X18H10T
Designated service life, years, not less than1010
Applied gasnitrogenair
Volume of the receiver for regeneration, m³ (L)0,003 (3) 20ˣ10^-3 (20)
Working pressure of gas in the receiver, MPafrom 0,4 to 0,5from 0.5 to 0.6
Volume of a dust collector, m³, (L)0,003 (3)
Overall dimensions, mm630ˣ320ˣ1215 1500ˣ878ˣ2125
Filter weight, kg80200
Parameters of the BB in accordance with ABY 06-06-09
Type of equipment"B""B"
Safety diameter, mm100 140
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