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Фильтры для стерилизующей очистки газов (ФС)
Filters For Oil And Gas Industry

To date, filters produced by RME Centrotech have been successfully implemented in the projects of the gas, oil, chemical and energy industries of Russia. Filters and filter elements can be installed on existing and new filtration systems.

General characteristics

For cleaning natural, fuel and buffer
gases, barrier gas and air from
aerosols of oil and moisture, particles of dirt, sand and

As the filters become contaminated, regeneration is carried out without removal from the production line.

Not required.

Terms of Use:
The equipment is resistant to water hammering, developed for use in aggressive environments chemically inert to the materials of filter elements and filter at a temperature of -50 … + 170 ° С, it is possible to use in wet humid air.

Filtering elements for cleaning process gases are unified with products of world producers (more than 200 versions). Filtration systems of any complexity can be designed individually, for technical requirements and operating conditions of the Customer.

  • cleaning sequence;
  • ensuring the required quality of cleaning of various gases chemically inert to the materials of the filter elements and the filter;
  • economic expediency;
  • Unified with products of world manufacturers;
  • inertness of the filtering material to the gaseous medium;
  • high gas flow rates through the filter at a low differential pressure, which contributes to an increase in the service life of the equipment as a whole;
  • The filter housings are designed taking into account operating conditions, they are resistant to wind and snow loads;
  • filter housings are manufactured on high-precision machines, followed by chemical polishing;
  • a high frequency of processing the internal surface provides a more laminar flow of the gas flow, which leads to a decrease in the pressure drop across the filter as a whole.
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