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Hyper heat conducting elements

Hyper heat conducting elements are designed for cooling electronic equipment of space vehicles, and can also be used in any industry where rapid heat loss or equalization of the thermal field is required.

HHCE — is a flat, thin, sealed structure containing a porous material — a wick filled with a liquid working medium — with a coolant (ammonia, water, etc.), and channels for transferring steam. Heat transfer in such structures is carried out due to energy in the standby mode (in the form of a liquid) along the wick.

Specific designs based on hyperthermal materials for different instruments may vary. Common are the manufacturing technology, physical parameters of the porous structure (diameter of the heat pipe channels, pore diameter, porosity coefficient, etc.)

HHCE has a high thermal conductivity tens of times higher than the thermal conductivity of aluminum, which makes it possible to effectively use them in solving problems of cooling and thermostatic control of various objects both on Earth and in outer space.

The temperature range of application of heat pipes is in the range from -500 ° C to + 1000 ° C.
The results of the research make it possible to introduce HHCE into the currently developed designs of the heat-loaded onboard radioelectronic equipment of prospective spacecraft. Also there are developed, ready-made solutions that have found application in the space industry, successfully undergo flight tests and are operated in space satellites. In addition, various solutions for terrestrial applications have been developed.

Effective heat conductivity, W / m to:
- at 25 °Cup to 14000
- at 60 °Cup to 25000
The temperature gradient, when the heat flux is 50 W, between the evaporation and condensation zones in the working temperature range (from 18 to 60 °C), °Cless than 2
Heat carrierwater
Thickness, mmnot more than 2
Resistance to ionizing radiation of outer space, radnot less than 1 * 10 ^ 7
Total leakage of sections, l*10^-4
Service life, years25
Assigned warranty life, hours150 000

Many developers and manufacturers of radio equipment, consider the main problem of cooling products. In this regard, new solutions for cooling / thermostabilization of REA are needed. HHCE are a revolutionary solution to the problem, allowing with the unchanged dimensions of the REA to improve their characteristics.

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