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LLC «NPO» Centrotech «develops the manufacture of powders for two production technologies:

  • technology of centrifugal plasma spraying;
  • technology of gas atomization.

Application area:

  • powder metallurgy;
  • production of filters;
  • manufacture of magnets;
  • manufacture of batteries;
  • manufacture of electrical contacts;
  • Coating;
  • production of catalysts;
  • the creation of special coatings for critical parts and so on.
ParameterTechnology of centrifugal plasma sprayingGas Spray Technology
Alloys of metalsTi, Ni, Fe, MgCu, Al, Ni, Fe, Co
Size of powders, microns20÷250010÷150
Impurity content, less, ppm5100
Presence of gas poresNoYes
Absence of satellitesNoYes
Sphericitymore than 99%less than 90%
Comparison of powders of 316L steel produced by NGOs with imported analogues
Металлические порошки сравнение НПО Центротех

At the request of the customer, the powder can be produced both in accordance with the specifications and on additional requirements.

  • Powders of metal alloys: Al, Cu, Ni, Co, Ti;
  • powders of heat-resistant, stainless steels of the type 12Х25Н7АГР (ЭИ835);
  • powders of titanium alloys: ВТ1-0, ВТ1-00, ВТ-6 (Ti-6-4);
  • powders of corrosion-resistant, stainless steels such as 29KK, 09H16N4B, X18N10T, etc.;
  • powders of heavy alloys such as VNZh95, VNM 3-2, VD 20, etc.;
  • powders of high-temperature alloys such as MB3, MV30, MR47, MP47VP;
  • powders of high-temperature corrosion-resistant alloys Ta10W, Ta40Nb;
  • powders of heat-resistant radiation-resistant alloys of the type E110, E125, E635.
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