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The thermochemical ultrafine cobalt powder is produced by a one-stage thermochemical method of decomposition and reduction of metal salts in accordance with the requirements of the technical conditions.

Cobalt powders are determined by their hardness, heat resistance, mechanical strength, wear resistance and manufacturability. These materials are alloys of refractory metal carbides with cobalt.

кобальтовые термохимические порошки
Parameter Value of the norm
Bulk density, g/cm³, not more than0,9
The conditional particle size by Fisher *, μm0,7-1,6

*Dispersion of the powder is characterized by an average particle diameter according to Fisher

Co, not less than,% of mass
Content of elements, not more than% mass
99,80,05 0,0250,50,005 0,0060,001 0,005
Ca Al CCu Si Na
0,01 0,0020,10,01 0,01 0,015

There are many alloys of this system that differ in the amount of cobalt, the dispersion of the carbide phase, the presence of various hardening and inhibiting additives. Unchanged in them is the presence of two components: tungsten carbide, which plays the role of «solid phase», and cobalt, used as a binder. The combination of high mechanical properties of tungsten carbide with ductility and high cobalt toughness provides them with high hardness, strength and wear resistance.

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