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Ленты никелевые пористые
Nickel porous tapes

They are made of nickel electrolytic powders by the method of continuous rolling in rolls with subsequent sintering in hydrogen furnaces. Supplied in the form of rolls wound on bobbins or cut plates. They are used in the manufacture of porous filtering materials and electrode plates of alkaline batteries and other energy storage devices. It is possible to fabricate a nickel strip taking into account the technical requirements of the customer.

SpecificationsNickel plated tape eK0.021.740TUNickel plated tape eK0.021.742TUNickel plated tape eK0.021.755TUЛента никелевая еК0.021. 757ТУ
Type 1Type 2Type 3Type 4Тип 2Тип 3
Thickness, mkm55±793±793±793±745±790±1560±10130±30
Porosity,%25±533±530±530±5not more than 15не более 15не более 15не более 15
Band width, mm60÷9054,1-0,354,1-0,370-0,560÷9060÷9060÷9060÷90
Thickness in width, not more than, mkm7---71010-
Strength (time resistance) in the longitudinal direction, not less than, MPa (kg s / cm2)63,8 (6,5)---88,2 (9,0)150 (15,3100 (10,2)-
Relative elongation after rupture in the longitudinal direction, not less than,%0,1---0,94,03,0-
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