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Nickel-cadmium batteries

Our company produces more than 10 years nickel-cadmium batteries, which are used in various power supply systems.

Accumulators NKM-40ST with a capacity of 40 A * h at a nominal voltage of 1.2, complete with mounting parts (tires, bolts, washers) are designed to assemble the batteries of an uninterruptible power supply.

Parameter20KSX 25 P-U03
Rated voltage, V24
Rated capacity, Ah25
Weight, kg, no more than25
Permissible value of the load current (short-circuit current), A, not less than
Maximum Continuous Load Current, A400
Temperature range with discharge characteristics, ºСfrom minus 30 to plus 50
Minimum operating time, cycles500
Shelf life in a charge state, days90
Shelf life before commissioning, years5 years
Service life according to technical condition, years, not less than10
Warranty period, years5
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