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The expander-generator is a system for converting heat (energy of compressed gas, heat recovery) on the basis of an oil-free screw compressor.

On the basis of a screw expander, installations for the utilization (recycling) of secondary energy resources can be developed:

  • conversion of compressed gas energy into electrical energy;
  • conversion of low-potential heat into electrical energy;

Capacity of installation from 2 to 300 kW (electric).

Installation Advantages
  • the possibility of using secondary energy resources is impossible in other ways;
  • no changes in the technology of the main equipment;
  • absence of harmful emissions, noise, vibration;
  • automated control, remote control via the network interface;
  • allows you to generate electricity for your own needs and cooling by utilizing heat;
  • When the unit is stopped for any reason, the heat release will occur as usual.
Areas of use
  • autonomous power sources using secondary energy resources, including in hard-to-reach places where there is no power line;
  • Utilization of heat that is removed to the environment during operation of various devices, including ICE.
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