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Powder painting

It is carried out on automated complete equipment for surface preparation and painting with powder paints. The complex includes a load carrying conveyor operating in the clock mode along the following route:

  • The preparation area for the product is degreasing and phosphating, followed by washing the surfaces from the traces of the solution in distilled water. Degreasing of parts is done on washing machines manufactured in Italy and Russian production in a closed cycle (with regeneration of washing facilities), which ensures a reduction in the consumption of detergents and improvement of product quality.
  • Drying chamber for removing traces of moisture from the surface of the product.
  • Paint chamber for automatic coloring of the product surfaces by electrostatic spraying. The paint equipment included in the paint complex allows to paint both the outer surfaces of the products and the internal surfaces of pipes from 150 mm to 250 mm in diameter.
  • A polymerization furnace with five zone chamber for gradual cooling of the product.
  • The zone of removal of products.

The full complex provides stable quality of products.

Quality of materials entering production, parameters of production processes are provided by means of laboratory control:

  • chemical and spectral analysis, physical and mechanical, electrical tests and metallography and other types of flaw detection.
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