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Small-scale production


  • PCB loading machine. It is intended for loading printed circuit boards from the store on a production line or other machine. Operates in automatic mode;
  • screen printing machine. It is intended for soldering plate in the conditions of batch production and large-scale production;
  • The system of technical vision based on a high-definition camera is equipped with a system with separate optics, which allows you to simultaneously obtain an image, both from a stencil and from a printed circuit board. Thus, it is impossible to move the stencil pattern relative to the pads of the printed circuit board, due to the simultaneous reading of the reference marks.
  • automatic high-precision correction by reference marks
  • high precision solder paste application
  • a quick transition to a different type of product
  • convenience and ease of management.

Includes the necessary requirements for modern small-scale production:

  • the speediness of machine readjustment when switching from one product to another
  • a large number of components simultaneously installed on the base of standard components;
  • Automatic feeder recognition;
  • User-friendly software;
  • a wide range of installed components with high installation accuracy;
  • a large number of feeders to be installed at the same time;
  • the ability to use the CAD converter;
  • automatic feeder location detection, time reduction
    creation of work programs, machine readjustment and the risk of error due to influence
    human factor to a minimum;
  • All belt feeders have an electric drive and an adjustable feed step
  • All feeders for tapes and pencil cases are intelligent. Their location on the base
    It is detected automatically and displayed on the monitor screen, as well as the presence of
    components in the feeder.

The total length of the working area is 3,500 mm, which is ideal for organizing powerful assembly lines, including for mass production:

  • heating in furnaces is carried out by hot air;
  • Convection heating is carried out on the basis of the advanced MULTI-JET technology, which allows to obtain unique uniformity and repeatability of heating over the entire width of the PCB in all 7 zones of the furnace;
  • in furnaces fan speed control is provided for the flexible control of process parameters;
  • when soldering large-sized printing units, there is a central support system to prevent card deflection during heating.

The high quality of the products is provided by careful monitoring of all production stages: paste application, installation of items by nomenclature and positioning, soldering, as well as visual control for compliance prototype.


  • automatic optical inspection system;
  • intelligent feeders;
  • up to 6,000 components per hour;
  • installing components from 0201;
  • A convenient operating chart;
  • The centering system on the tape.
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